Welcome to Nyx

Nyx is a command-line monitor for Tor. With this you can get detailed real-time information about your relay such as bandwidth usage, connections, logs, and much more.

Nyx's latest version is 1.4.5, released April 28th, 2012. Prior to our upcoming release this application went under the name of 'arm'. Sorry for the confusion!

What does Nyx provide?
bandwidth «Bandwidth Graph

Bandwidth used by Tor. You can press 'i' to pick the graphing interval, or 's' to show other usage statistics.

event log «Event Log

Tor logs a wealth of information about itself. We present it, colorized and deduplicated. Press 'e' to select what events are logged and 'f' to filter to just what you want.

connections «Connections

Connection data similar to netstat or lsof, but correlated with Tor relay information to make it much richer. Press 'enter' for more details, 's' to sort, and 'd' to see raw descriptor data.

configuration editor «Configuration Editor

Editor to change Tor's setting on the fly, with usage information from its manual. Press 'enter' to change Tor settings and 'w' to write your changes to disk.

torrc «Torrc

Provides your torrc with line numbers and syntax highlighting. Comments can be stripped by pressing 's'.

interpreter «Interpreter

Integration with Stem's interpreter, providing raw controller access, irc-style commands like /help, tab completion, history scrollback, and a python prompt.

menu «... and more!

That's just the tip of the iceberg. All pages within Nyx provide help information when you press 'h' and menu in response to 'm'. So go explore!

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Nyx is available Mac OSX, Linux, and BSD but not Windows. Find your platform below to get started. For what's changed see our change log.

Debian Debian

Package maintained by Dererk for Debian.

% sudo apt-get install tor-arm
Ubuntu Ubuntu

Package derived from Debian for Ubuntu.

% sudo apt-get install tor-arm
Fedora Fedora

Packages maintained by Juan for Fedora.

% sudo yum install tor-arm
Gentoo Gentoo

Package maintained by Jesse for Gentoo.

% sudo emerge arm
Slackware Slackware

Package maintained by pyllyukko for Slackware.


Port maintained by Carlo for FreeBSD.

% pkg install security/arm
Git Source Repository

For those that want to live on the bleeding edge or contribute, Nyx's git repository can be fetched with...

% git clone https://git.torproject.org/nyx.git